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Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Laptop Charger

Replacement Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Laptop AC Adapter

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Input: 100-240V
Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: 4.74A
Power: 90W
Connector size:5.5 x 2.5mm
Condition:100% Brand New !
Guarantee:30 Days Money Back !
Warranty:1 Year Warranty !

Reg Price: AU $ 56.13
Now Price: AU $37.49

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Note: Please ensure the Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC adapter that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

New Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Laptop AC Adapter, Full 1-year warranty!

Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!

Our replacement Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC Adapters are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC Power Adapters are tested for 100% quality control assurance. Ulta-High performance, lightweight replacement for your Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Laptop Charger for traveling. Fast shipping with 1-Year Warranty and 30-day money back on all Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 AC Power Adapters.

If you have any question or suggestion about our Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Adapters, please contact us so that we can offer you the most convenient service.


How to Choose the Correct Toshiba PA3716E-1AC3 Laptop AC Adapter

A Review on Voltage, Watts, and Amps

An Toshiba laptop AC adapter has 4 important components. You should understand these things first before buying the charger. This will help you to choose correct power adapter.

  1. Voltage is energy per unit of charge. Choose correct voltage for your laptop. Most Toshiba laptops have 18.5v or 19v. A 19 volts charger can be used on laptop that needs 18.5v. If possible try to get a charger that is exactly if possible.

  2. Amps are another thing to consider on laptop ac adapters. Amount of current is measured in Amperes also called Amps or A. Most Hewlett Packard notebooks require 2.7A - 6A. Majority of them with 3.5 to 4.9A.

A charger with higher amps will work on a laptop that requires lower amps. For example if your laptop needs a power supply of 2.7A then a 3.5a or 4.9a will work on your laptop. But if your laptop needs a 4.9a then a 3.5a or 2.7a will not work on your laptop.

  3. Wattage is another factor on the ac adapter. Watts also called as W. Watts are calculated as Volts multiplied by Amps. So W = V x A. So if your HP laptop requires 19v and 3.5a then it will be 19 x 3.5 = 66.5w. So you will need to buy a 65w charger.

Note that most of the chargers will not exactly provide Watts; you can safely buy the charger as long as Volts and Amps are matching.

A power supply adapter with higher wattage will be advisable for your notebook. For example if your computer has 18.5v and 3.5a or 2.7a then you may consider to buy 65watts adapters. If your laptop needs 4.9a then you must buy a 90watt power cord.

  4. Last point to consider is connector tip that connects to the computer. Toshiba has yellow tip or bullet pin type or Center pin type or big Yellow tip. Choose the right connector.


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