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  • What Is the Right Way to Charge a New Laptop Battery?

    When you get a new laptop or new laptop battery, proper charging, discharging, usage and storage will allow you to maximize your battery's life and capabilities. Before even powering up your laptop for the first time, it is important to know just how to charge and care for your battery in order to get the most out it for as long as you can.

    Charge & Discharge

    According to CNET authors Asher Moses and Brian Nadel, the first thing you should do with your new laptop is "let the battery completely drain before you recharge it." Letting the battery completely drain by using it without AC power, and then recharging it to 100 percent before using it again, helps to establish memory within the battery regarding how much of a charge can be held. Do this for at least the first two times when using your laptop on battery power, and repeat as often as you can to get the most out of your battery.


    If you plan to use your laptop as a desktop most of the time, Rick Broida of "PC World" suggests you take the battery out of your laptop and use only AC power. Only put the battery in and charge it whenever you plan on moving the laptop and using it without AC power, because "if you leave your laptop plugged in 24/7... the battery rarely (if ever) gets a chance to discharge, [so] it loses its capacity to hold a charge." Charge the battery before moving your laptop, and discharge it completely before recharging again, if you can.

    Temperature & Climate

    One of the main causes of battery failure is overheating. "PC Magazine's" Erik Rhey suggests that you can avoid overheating by using cooling pads and not placing your laptop on soft surfaces like pillows and blankets. Some batteries are actually designed to sense if they are getting too warm and simply will not charge if they are, so it is in your interest to keep your battery cool. Dust getting into the laptop and clogging the cooling fan can also cause overheating problems, so try to keep the area around your laptop clean. Of course, leaving your laptop in your car where it can become excessively hot can also cause problems, so avoid that as well.

    Power Settings

    Once you have gotten the hang of charging your batteries, visit your computer's Power Settings in the Control Panel and dim your computer's display, adjust the timeout settings for your display to turn off and for your laptop to sleep, and see if any advanced settings can be changed to really extend your battery life as far as you can.

    How to Charge a Dell Laptop Battery

    Laptops are important tools in today's society, making proper care for them paramount. One of the key components of any laptop is its battery. Here you will learn how to charge a Dell laptop battery, ensuring it provides hours of laptop usage.

    Place the laptop on a clean and level surface, close to the power outlet you will be using.

    Examine the laptop power cable and identify the end that looks like a power prong for a power outlet. Take this end and plug it into the power outlet you are using.

    Look on the back of the Dell laptop and locate where the laptop power cable will be plugged in. This will be a small circular hole, about 1/4 inch in diameter. Take the other end of the laptop power cable and plug it into this hole.

    Charge the Dell laptop battery by leaving the laptop power cable plugged into the power outlet and Dell laptop. Time to fully charge a battery will vary, based on the amount of power the battery currently has.

    Check the power level of your laptop battery by carefully lifting up your Dell laptop and pressing the button on the bottom of the Dell laptop, which displays a battery icon. Zero to six green lights will display, showing the current power level of the laptop battery. This shows a range of power from zero lights, meaning empty, to six lights, meaning full.

    Unplug the laptop power cable from the Dell laptop once the green lights on the bottom of the laptop indicate a full battery.


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