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  • Fri 22nd March

    Maximize Laptop Battery Life Span By Preventing Full Charge

    After writing a recent story on what to do when Laptop Battery degraded to very bad levels, I received a tip from our regular reader Ashish Chopra who earlier also shared a tip on BSOD problem in Thinkpad while using uTorrent. He shared a very valuable observation about special battery maintenance settings in the Lenovo power management tools. This setting talks about prolonging the battery life of the laptop for the cases where the laptop is usually plugged into charger and not used on battery often.

    On doing some more research on the Battery Charging and discharging patterns and their effect on the battery life, I got to know that if a Toshiba PA5023U-1BRS battery is not used for long time and stored at full charge (which is the case when the laptop is mostly plugged into the charger most of the times), then the life span of the battery deteriorates much faster and the battery tends of age out soon. Whereas if you use the battery regularly and it is charged and discharged frequently, the life of the battery is better than in the former case.

    Lenovo and Sony have in-built settings in their laptops to prevent full charging of the battery when the laptop is plugged in. This does reduce the overall battery backup, but increases the life of the battery which is a justifiable trade off for the users who seldom use the laptop without charger plugged in. On the other hand, if you have to carry laptop outdoors and use the battery power more often, we recommend that you keep this setting off so that you get longer battery backup.

    Now here is how you can quickly turn on the battery care mode or prevent full charge of battery in Lenovo laptops. Click on the battery logo near the tray area to launch the power management application.

    battery life setting

    In the power management settings, go to advanced mode and click on the Battery tab, in this tab select the Battery Maintenance options.

    battery life setting

    In Battery Maintenance options, select the option to full charge if you use battery often, else select the option to automatically optimize battery life.

    battery life setting

    For Sony VAIO laptops, this feature is called Battery Care and is placed under VAIO options and known as battery care. For other brands of laptops, you can use free software like Battery Care which monitors the charging and discharging cycles of the battery and suggest you to charge or discharge the battery and helps to keep the battery in good health. Also check with the help desk of your laptop brand to check if they have special battery management software for their laptop brand which can save you from using external software. We hope these tips will help you save some money by delaying the Dell XPS L501X battery replacement cost.

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