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  • Common Mistakes In Choosing The Right Battery For Your Laptop

    Every laptop company has different batteries, and many laptop companies have different batteries for different models. So how to figure out which is yours? Well, you could buy it directly from the company, which means you'll probably pay a serious premium. Unless you have to, why pay more?

    Step 1: Overview

    Selecting the right battery for your laptop can be a very challenging job. To ensure optimal performance, select a laptop battery that is not only small and lightweight, but also able to provide power for up to five hours. This tutorial enlists the parameters for buying an appropriate battery for your Laptop.

    Step 2: Identify Application Types

    Li-ion laptop battery

    First, check with the laptop manufacturer for the recommended type of battery for your laptop. If there are choices available to you, you should carefully choose a new Lenovo battery for your laptop depending on the type of applications that you run. For example, Lithium batteries are designed for high drain applications, like MP3 players or boom boxes. On the other hand, heavy-duty batteries are designed for low drain applications, like clocks.

    Step 3: Battery Compatible with Charger?

    laptop AC adapter

    Different batteries have different voltage and charge features. Prior to inserting a new battery into your system, you have to ensure that the battery is compatible with your Battery charger.

    Step 4: Discharging And Recharging

    charge laptop batteries

    Regularly checking the life of your battery will help you to understand the capacity of the battery. Additionally, you also may be alerted to the number of times your rechargeable Asus laptop battery can be discharged and recharged before it needs to be replaced.

    Step 5: Check Discharge Current

    laptop batteries

    Check to see if your battery can provide average or maximum discharge currents under diverse conditions. The average discharge current helps in determining the size of the battery. However, the maximum current discharge needs a larger battery for the device to operate at all, especially when there are intermittent high loads.

    Step 6: Check The Output Voltage

    laptop battery volt

    It helps if you are aware of the nominal as well as the minimum and maximum voltage requirements for an application. If you have a 7.2-volt nominal Nickel Metal Hydride battery, it should be at least 6.0 volts in a fully discharged state and 9.6 volts after the charge.

    Step 7: Temperature Range

    laptop battery temperature

    The temperature in which you use or store your laptop battery can effect the battery's longevity and its performance. While using your battery in low temperatures can limit the performance, using it in high temperatures can minimize the life of the battery.

    Step 8: Shelf Life

    laptop batteries life

    The shelf life refers to the amount of time a battery can be stored without causing a major power loss. Usually, lower temperatures are able to extend the shelf life of a battery.

    Step 9: Cost Of Battery

    cheap laptop batteries

    A good battery can be expensive. A Li-Ion Fujitsu Lifebook battery can provide enhanced backup time, higher performance, is unaffected by memory effect and doesn't need to be charged as frequently but it can be expensive. You can opt for a lower cost battery like the Ni-MH battery, but these batteries are somewhat effected by memory effect and weigh more.

    Step 10: Check The Performance

    check laptop battery life

    To verify that your new laptop battery will work in your laptop, put it in the charger. A good battery should become warm after it has been charged fully. Restart your laptop using only battery power. Your laptop should be able to boot properly. Once you are up and running, you can check to see how long the new battery can provide backup to your system.


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