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  • Fri 22nd March

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    1. What Is the Right Way to Charge a New Laptop Battery?
      When you get a new laptop or new laptop battery, proper charging, discharging, usage and storage will allow you to maximize your battery's life and capabilities. Read More
    2. Laptop Battery Tips
      The batteries in a laptop will not have to be replaced often, if they receive proper maintenance. Read More
    3. Toshiba Laptop Battery Problems
      Toshiba has come a long way when it comes to the battery life in their laptops, but that does not make them immune to the occasional hiccup. Read More
    4. New way of balancing laptop battery life and graphical performance
      Having two graphics chips in a laptop PC is a great solution if you want high performance sometimes and good battery life the rest of the time. NVIDIA's Optimus technology aims to make this a better experience. Read More
    5. You Need to Know What you Want When Buying a Back-to-School Laptop
      Right as the new school year comes up, it dawns on you: Your laptop is hopelessly outdated. Maybe you're accustomed to using the family computer at home, and will need one of your own as you head off to college.Read More
    6. For How Long Should One Charge a New Laptop Battery
      Laptop batteries are notorious for dying out and losing charge quickly. If you treat your battery with the utmost care, you'll have success in getting the most out of it. Read More
    7. What to do when a Windows PC won't start
      A day like any other: you're ready to get your compute on, but when you press the power button on your machine, nothing happens. Read More
    8. When the laptop battery won't charge or laptop battery life Is too short
      Warning! Before Disassembling Laptop always remove battery. This draft troubleshooting procedure is intended for people who know what they are doing around electricity. It's offered "as is", not as professional advice. Read More
    9. How to Save Battery Life in Windows 7
      Microsoft recently released a new 14-page whitepaper entitled "Windows 7 Power Management" to outline the power management technologies in Windows 7 that reduce power consumption. Read More
    10. The Best Ways to Save Laptop Batteries
      Modern laptop personal computers have processing technologies and powerful software applications that have become so advanced as to replicate the desktop PC experience. Read More
    11. Laptop Charger Adapter Tips
      According to ComputerWorld.com, a leading source for technology news and information, shipments for purchases of laptops in the first quarter of 2010 grew 43 percent. Read More
    12. How to Take Care of a Laptop Battery Properly
      A question I get often asked when people purchase a laptop is how to take care of the battery meaning the battery life. Laptop battery life as opposed to battery runtime is the amount of years you can use the battery before it holds little or no charge anymore and you are required to purchase a new battery. Read More
    13. Extracting data from a dead laptop with a laptop hard drive adapter
      On a recent Monday morning, I received a panic-stricken phone call from one of the fellows on the sales team. As he was getting out of his car in the parking lot, he dropped his laptop on the concrete. Read More
    14. HP Battery Check Frequently Asked Questions for Notebooks Running Windows XP
      The HP Battery Check is an easy to use utility that is available on HP Notebook PCs that provides information on the status of the batteries installed in the notebook PC. Read More
    15. Battery Saving Tips for Windows Laptops
      Are you tired of poor battery life from your Windows laptop? If so, we're here to help. Our battery-saving tips will help you get the most out of your laptop's battery, so you can leave the power adapter in your bag a little longer. Read More
    16. Common Mistakes In Choosing The Right Battery For Your Laptop
      Every laptop company has different batteries, and many laptop companies have different batteries for different models. Read More

    17. Laptop Battery Dissected
      Laptop batteries look plain and solid from the outside. They come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part they all look the same inside. Laptop batteries usually consist of ... Read More
    18. Proper Laptop Battery Usage Guide
      In lithium-based batteries this is in fact a myth, it only applies to older Nickle-based batteries. So fully discharging and charging the battery is completely useless and even harmful as we will see ... Read More

    19. Laptop Battery Life: Windows 8 Power Consumption
      With a focus on touchscreen devices – which are predominantly mobile in nature – comes the requirement to reduce a computer system's power consumption to increase its battery life ... Read More
    20. Should I Remove My Laptop Battery To Increase its Life
      Does running your laptop on AC power damage the battery? Should you remove the battery to increase its lifetime? Read More
    21. What Stops Laptop Batteries From Exploding
      Lithium is highly reactive and flammable. To tame the beast within, laptop batteries should contain multiple safety circuits and mechanisms. Read More
    22. Improve Your Laptop's Battery Life
      Every laptop owner wants to maximize the time between battery recharges. Here's how to achieve that goal with a few basic hardware and software tweaks; as a bonus, they may improve your notebook’s performance, too. Read More
    23. Extend Your Laptop Battery Life With BatteryCare
      How many of you out there know about proper laptop battery care? There are so many urban legends and myths regarding batteries that it is hard to know what is real and what is not. Read More
    24. Ways to Extend Laptop and Tablet Battery Life
      If you use your laptop or tablet on battery power, you’ll know how annoying it is to lose battery power at the “worst time”. While I can’t guarantee your PC will lose power at a more convenient time, I can offer 14 ways to improve your battery life. Learn, in this guide, how to save power when running on batteries. Read More
    25. What To Do If Your Laptop Or Tablet Battery Won’t Charge
      Occasionally we receive a question on MakeUseOf Answers about a battery that refuses to charge. This isn’t surprising. Batteries are known to only last so long, and poor conditions can drastically reduce their life. Read More
    26. Testing and Using the AC Power Adapter
      Check the AC adapter and cords for physical damage such as fraying or cuts. Also examine the power adapter for signs of damage or overheating. Read More
    27. How to do When Your Laptop Adapter Is Not Working
      A non-functional laptop adapter can cause big problems; especially if the computer's battery is low or drained. In addition to preventing you from getting your work done, it can also be an electrical shock or fire hazard. Read More
    28. Span By Preventing Full Charge to Maximize Laptop Battery Life
      This setting talks about prolonging the battery life of the laptop for the cases where the laptop is usually plugged into charger and... Read More
    29. How to when applications won't work with Windows 8
      Windows 8 is more forgiving with regard to application compatibility than some of the previous versions of Windows were, but some applications just will not work with it. Read More
    30. Why won't my laptop battery recharge fully?
      The battery status info on my two and a half year old Packard Bell Easy Note laptop shows that it is not charging. Over the last few weeks there has been a gradual decline in the amount of power available. Read More
    31. Keep your laptop battery working for years
      Laptop batteries are like people--eventually and inevitably, they die. And like people, they don't obey Moore's Law--You can't expect next year's batteries to last twice as long as this year's. Read More
    32. The Care and Feeding of Li-Ion Laptop Batteries
      Lithium-Ion — or Li-Ion — batteries are in everything, and while they may not last forever, they'll benefit from a little tender loving care. This time, five strategies that will help your users get the most out of the rechargeable battery in their laptops and portable devices Read More
    33. How to Choose the Right Macbook Charger
      To find the right charger for Macbook ,there are three kinds of power rating Macbook power adapter in the market,45 watt, 60 watt, or 85 watt. Read More


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    arrow Span By Preventing Full Charge to Maximize Laptop Battery Life

    This setting talks about prolonging the battery life of the laptop for the cases where the laptop is usually plugged into charger and... read more

    arrow How to do when applications won't work with Windows 8

    If you have problems getting an app to run on Windows 8, all’s not lost. One of these strategies or workarounds may get the application running. read more

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