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Replacement Laptop Battery for Hp/compaq

Shoping for Hp/compaq laptop battery just at Laptopbattery-store.com.au. Our replacement Hp/compaq laptop batteries are designed specifically for your Hp/compaq laptop brand and model. There are the largest inventory of all the Hp/compaq laptop battery fits models and part numbers. Laptop batteries for Hp/compaq are producted with high test safe circle and chips that gives different capacities and long time. Select right and disount price Hp/compaq battery pack by code or by battery parts below, We also carry Hp/compaq laptop AC adapters and chargers for your laptops.

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Take Good Care of Your Hp/compaq Laptop Battery

1. The battery in a Hp/compaq laptop, will usually last anywhere from 18 to 36 months. This span is the expected life of a Hp/compaq battery with no extra steps taken by the user. But if you take a little extra time and care of your power source, you might be able to extend the life of your Hp/compaq laptop batteries or at the very least, improve the performance of the day to day life of about Hp/compaq battery.
2. If you are not going to use the laptop for several days, take the Hp/compaq battery out of the computer. Keep the laptop and the battery in a comfortable temperature. Exposure to high heat or extreme cold can damage the battery; not to mention the laptop.
3. Once a month, allow the Hp/compaq laptop battery to drain completely. Make sure you have saved all your work and leave no programs open while draining the battery.
4. Do not constantly leave the Hp/compaq power adapter plugged in. When the adapter is plugged in, the battery is constantly being charged. This is taxing on the battery's life span. Be sure to have the power adapter plugged into a surge protector, not just a wall outlet.