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Laptop AC Adapter for Lenovo

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How to Fix Your Lenovo Laptop Charger

If the AC adapter is not working, there is most likely a short in the cord. It is possible to fix the Lenovo Laptop Charger yourself without wasting your money on a service technician.
1. Slide the tip of a flat head screwdriver into the seam in the center of the adapter box. The adapter box is a black rectangular box that is located between the AC plug and AC adapter on the power cord. Slide the screwdriver tip all the way down the cord until the halves come apart. Pry the screwdriver up at each corner of the AC adapter box until the top comes off the bottom
2. Pull out any coiled cord from inside the adapter box. Simply pull on the end of the cord until it all comes out.

3. Carefully trim down the Lenovo AC Adapter box cable length with wire cutters. Make sure you cut just beneath the plastic cord without cutting the metal wire underneath.
3. Find the short or damaged wire. This wire will be noticeably broken or frayed.

4. Cut the cable just above the damage and strip down the end of one side about an inch. Twist the cable ends together and check that both sides are connected with each other.
5. Wind electrical tape around the exposed metal wires. Push the two Lenovo AC Adapter case pieces together. Plug the cord into the electrical outlet to test it. If it still does not work, then check the wire connections. If the wire connections are tight, then you may need to replace the Lenovo Laptop AC Adapter.